One component of skill-related fitness is reaction time. Reaction time is defined as the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it. For example, in drag racing, reaction time is the amount of time that has elapsed between the time the green light comes on and the driver hits the gas pedal, causing the car to leave the line. Professional baseball hitters must have good reaction time to hit fast pitches that arrive at home plate in less than half a second.

We have provided you with a few games to test your reaction time. These reaction time games test simple reaction time. That is, there is only one stimulus and one response. For example, press the spacebar when you see the word Go. However, there are other types of reaction time tests:

  • Recognition reaction time experiments: In these tests there are some stimuli that should be responded to (the memory set) and others that should get no response (the distractor set). There is still only one correct response. Symbol recognition and tone recognition are both recognition experiments.
  • Choice reaction time experiments: In these tests the user must give a response that corresponds to the stimulus, such as pressing a key corresponding to a letter if the letter appears on the screen.

Try the simple reaction time games below. They are fun and challenging.

Can you become the base-jumping king?

Use your visual and auditory frog senses to Zap! flies.

Test your reaction time with this reaction time trainer.

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