Fitness for Life Teacher's Guidebook

Includes bound-in CD-ROM. Provides five lesson plans for each chapter: two lesson plans for the classroom sessions and three activity plans that supplement and reinforce the classroom content. Most plans are presented in four steps:

1. Gathering Information (for classroom lessons), or Instant Activity (for activity lessons)
2. Lesson Launcher
3. Lesson Focus
4. Reflection and Summary

The lesson plans feature these elements:

• Objectives
• Performance outcomes related to NASPE standards
• Activity resources
• Student worksheets for use in class or as take-home assignments
• Review quizzes and answer keys
• Assessment rubrics
• Other reproducibles

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Test Bank, Mount Fitness, and Tour de Fitness

Teachers and administrators in school systems that have adopted Fitness for Life: Middle School can use the protected-access Test Bank to create customized chapter and unit tests based on the Fitness for Life: Middle School student text and Fitness for Life: Middle School Teacher’s Guide. You also have open access to two online computer games, Mount Fitness and Tour de Fitness, that provide a fun way to review key health-related fitness concepts with your students:

Online Test Bank --Must contact your sales representative
Mount Fitness
Tour de Fitness

Additional Information

Equipment List for Fitness for Life: Middle School (download)

PAR-Q: Making sure students are ready for physical education (download)

Fitness for Life Middle School Instructor Training Webinar

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