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This page is for students who are using the Fitness for Life: Middle School textbook. In each chapter of the book, you will find instructions to click on "Student Info" and then click on a topic number for the extra content you want. This page has been improved so you no longer need to click on "Student Info." Simply click the topic number below to see the extra content.

Chapter 1

Topic 1.1 Introduction to Physical Activity (Vocabulary)
Topic 1.2 Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs
Topic 1.3 Effective Communication Skills
Topic 1.4 Activitygram
Topic 1.5 Introduction to Physical Fitness (Vocabulary)
Topic 1.6 Health-Related Physical Fitness and Athletic Performance
Topic 1.8 Newton's Laws of Motion
Topic 1.9 Ask the Author

Chapter 2

Topic 2.1 Learning Motor Skills (Vocabulary)
Topic 2.2 Skill-Related Fitness and Reaction Time
Topic 2.3 Healthy People 2010
Topic 2.4 Full Participation
Topic 2.5 Skill-Related Fitness
Topic 2.6 Teamwork
Topic 2.7 The Importance of Practice (Vocabulary)
Topic 2.8 Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Topic 2.9 Levers
Topic 2.10 Feedback
Topic 2.11 Ask the Author

Chapter 3

Topic 3.1 Lifestyle Physical Activity: Level 1 of the Physical Activity Pyramid (Vocabulary)
Topic 3.2 Lifestyle or Moderate Physical Activity
Topic 3.3 Pedometers
Topic 3.4 Staying Safe During Physical Activity
Topic 3.5 Steppin' Out
Topic 3.6 Benefits of Lifestyle Physical Activities (Vocabulary)
Topic 3.7 The Health Benefits of Physical Activity
Topic 3.8 Friction
Topic 3.9 Ask the Author
Topic 3.10 Unit I Review Materials

Chapter 4

Topic 4.1 Active Aerobics: Level 2 of the Physical Activity Pyramid (Vocabulary)
Topic 4.2 Active Aerobic Activities
Topic 4.3 Your Body's Speedometer
Topic 4.4 Calculating Target Heart Rate Zone
Topic 4.5 Self-Esteem
Topic 4.6 Anaerobics
Topic 4.7 Benefits of Active Aerobics (Vocabulary)
Topic 4.8 Cardiovascular Fitness
Topic 4.9 Cardiovascular Fitness for Safety and Work
Topic 4.10 VO2max
Topic 4.11 Stability
Topic 4.12 Ask the Author

Chapter 5

Topic 5.1 Active Sports and Recreation: Level 2 of the Physical Activity Pyramid (Vocabulary)
Topic 5.2 Popular Sports
Topic 5.3 Why Is Soccer So Popular?
Topic 5.4 Strength of Character
Topic 5.5 Finding Physical Activities in Your Community
Topic 5.6 Benefits of Sports and Recreation (Vocabulary)
Topic 5.7 Active Recreation
Topic 5.8 Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
Topic 5.9 Choosing a Sport or Recreational Activity
Topic 5.10 Ask the Author

Chapter 6

Topic 6.1 Flexibility Exercises: Level 3 of the Physical Activity Pyramid (Vocabulary)
Topic 6.2 Flexibility
Topic 6.3 PNF Stretching
Topic 6.4 Ballistic Stretching
Topic 6.5 Feeling Comfortable in Physical Activity
Topic 6.6 Benefits of Flexibility (Vocabulary)
Topic 6.7 Back Pain
Topic 6.8 Range of Motion
Topic 6.9 Shoulder Stretch Test and Other Flexibility Self-Tests
Topic 6.10 Ask the Author
Topic 6.11 Unit II Review Materials

Chapter 7

Topic 7.1 Muscle Fitness Exercises: Level 3 of the Physical Activity Pyramid (Vocabulary)
Topic 7.2 Progressive Resistance
Topic 7.3 Resistance Training Guidelines
Topic 7.4 Bullying
Topic 7.5 Benefits of Muscle Fitness Exercises (Vocabulary)
Topic 7.6 Strains and Sprains
Topic 7.7 Body Fuel
Topic 7.8 Muscle Fibers
Topic 7.9 Resistance
Topic 7.10 You Get What You Train For
Topic 7.11 Ask the Author

Chapter 8

Topic 8.1 Body Composition (Vocabulary)
Topic 8.2 Measuring Body Fatness
Topic 8.3 Your Body Needs Fat
Topic 8.4 Eating Disorders
Topic 8.5 Dealing With Peer Pressure
Topic 8.6 Tricks Aren't for Kids
Topic 8.7 Energy Balance: Physical Activity and Nutrition (Vocabulary)
Topic 8.8 MyPyramid Makes It Easy
Topic 8.9 Breaking the Food Code
Topic 8.10 Efficiency
Topic 8.11 Free Tools on the Web
Topic 8.12 Ask the Author

Chapter 9

Topic 9.1 Self-Assessing Fitness and Physical Activity Needs (Vocabulary)
Topic 9.2 Activity and Values Assessments
Topic 9.3 Getting Active and Fit: America on the Move
Topic 9.4 Creating a Physical Activity Plan (Vocabulary)
Topic 9.5 The President's Challenge
Topic 9.6 Integration
Topic 9.7 Ask the Author
Topic 9.8 Unit III Review Materials


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