Fitness for Life: Middle School student text

photo of students playing basketballFitness for Life: Middle School is designed to be flexible enough to fit any schedule, including block and accelerated block. It can be taught as a semester or yearlong course with any configuration of days in the classroom or gym.

Every chapter of Fitness for Life: Middle School includes the following elements:

  • Two classroom lessons per chapter
  • Moving Together highlights social diversity (which addresses NASPE standard 5) by presenting a scenario, posing questions for discussion, and offering guidelines for dealing with that issue. Topics include effective communication, peer pressure, and other social issues
  • Take It Home reinforces the concepts learned in the text, including those in the Moving Together section, and provides students with opportunities to explore and engage in physical activity outside of class—at their school, in their neighborhood, and in their community
  • Biomechanical Principles discusses basic biomechanical principles, encourages students to apply the principles in a variety of movement settings, and suggests ways to explore the principles through physical activity
  • Web Icons that lead students to vocabulary and supplementary materials on the Fitness for Life web site
  • Chapter Review

Fitness for Life Middle School Teachers Guide with CD-ROM

The Fitness for Life Middle School Teacher’s Guide includes 45 basic lesson plans—five plans for each of the nine chapters of the student text. Each chapter contains two lesson plans for the classroom portion of the class and three activity plans that supplement and reinforce the classroom content. (Ideas for 45 supplemental physical activities are also described in the Teacher’s Guide, in addition to the 27 physical activity lesson plans.)

The Teacher’s Guide also addresses:

  • NASPE standards
  • Assessment rubrics
  • Organizational protocols
  • Options for scheduling
  • Suggestions for incorporating other skill-based activity units into the lesson
  • Instructions for using the other resources on the CD-ROM and web site, including the test bank

The bound-in CD-ROM provides:

  • Reproducible worksheets and classroom resources to support each lesson plan
  • Rubrics for assessment worksheets and physical education participation
  • Answer keys for chapter and unit reviews in the student text
  • Chapter and unit quizzes, with answer keys
  • Motivational “classroom quotes” that tie in with each classroom lesson
  • Answer cards for the Mount Fitness computer game featured on the Fitness for Life web site

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