For teachers and administrators in school systems that have adopted the high school Fitness for Life text, you can use the protected-access Test Bank to create customized chapter and unit tests based on the student text and the Fitness for Life Wraparound Teacher’s Edition and Resources Kit.

Another excellent learning tool for students, and instructional aid for teachers, is the Online Study Guide (OSG). This open-access resource is designed to help all students master the content in the student text. It’s also helpful for students who may need to make up assignments they have missed due to absence, or as an independent study tool. Easy to follow instructions are found in the “Teacher Information” section within the Online Study Guide.

The OSG not only helps students review key information from the student text, it also allows teachers to assign work and students to complete work electronically--review questions, self-assessments, physical activities, application worksheets, and other typical assignments.

The Supplemental online content is an open-access resource that expands on the content found in the Fitness for Life high school text. Web pointers throughout the student text identify pages within the supplemental online content where students can find out more about a topic. And when external links are referenced, you can be assured the sources have been verified for accuracy.

Online Test Bank

Online Study Guide

Supplemental Online Content

Additional Information

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