The Fitness for Life program was created in 1979 as the result of extensive field testing. Since then, materials have evolved as thousands of teachers have used them and provided feedback. Teacher input and reviews continue to drive program revisions in addition to ongoing field testing of new materials. The materials were developed based on four educational theories (see “Theoretical Basis” section). The stages of change (transtheoretical model) are central to the student learning experience, and the 21 self-management skills for health behavior changes included in the text are based on concepts from the various theories and models (e.g., goal setting, self-monitoring, self-planning, overcoming barriers, finding social support, and building self-confidence).

Fitness for Life, Sixth Edition, is the high school program that coordinates with Fitness for Life: Elementary School (K-6) and Fitness for Life: Middle School (6-8). The middle school program builds on the elementary program (primarily video based). The high school program builds on the content of both the elementary school and middle school programs, both textbook based with extensive associated physical activities.

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