Components of Fitness for Life: Elementary School

Once every nine weeks the entire school conducts a Wellness Week (four each year) to focus extra attention on nutrition and physical activity. Each Wellness Week includes:

  • Classroom activity breaks using teacher-friendly DVD videos and lesson plans
  • Schoolwide nutrition events that also involve the participation of the school cafeteria
  • Wellness Week physical education lesson plans and activities
  • School signs promoting wellness, which can be posted throughout the school (printable from the DVD-ROM or CD-ROM in each book)
  • Educational messages about wellness, physical activity, and good nutrition within the physical activity routines on the DVD
  • Schoolwide special events
  • Get Fit Fridays—schoolwide physical activities
  • Eat Well Wednesdays—schoolwide nutrition activities
  • Other schoolwide celebrations
  • Newsletters to help families get involved in Wellness Week

More about Wellness Weeks and Program Flexibility

The Fitness for Life: Elementary School program is built around four Wellness Weeks, each highlighting a different physical activity theme and nutrition theme. Each week can be implemented once per quarter, or the lessons could be spread throughout the school year—whatever works best for your schedule.

Plans for each Wellness Week include an Eat Well Wednesday and a Get Fit Friday. On Eat Well Wednesday classroom and physical education activities emphasize good nutrition habits that can be applied in the cafeteria and at home. Get Fit Fridays focus on active playgrounds and a TEAM Time (Together Everyone Achieves More) school-wide activity.

The wealth of material available with Fitness for Life: Elementary School ensures that you’ll have plenty of material to implement the program and keep it fresh for the students. You’ll also notice that the ample program content provides you with flexibility in how you run the wellness program. You don’t have to use all the resources the first year! You can choose which materials to use, and how often you would like to use them.

Classroom Teacher Resources

During each Wellness Week, physical education classes and classroom daily activity breaks focus on the same nutrition and physical activity theme. Signage around the school, special school-wide activities, and newsletters all work together to reinforce the week's theme and messages.

The program includes a Fitness for Life: Elementary School classroom guide for each K-6 grade level. Each classroom guide includes a book and DVD-ROM that features the following content:

  • Plug-and-play video routines for morning physical activity breaks
  • Instructional videos that show how to present the video activities
  • Afternoon activity breaks that promote learning in the classroom (no sample for this feature)
  • Lesson Plans--Great for preparing Wellness Weeks!
  • Signs to post around your school to share the message about physical activity and nutrition.
  • Classroom worksheets include colorable materials for younger grades (K-2)
  • Newsletters-- great for informing families of Wellness Week activities and getting them involved in promoting physical activity and nutrition at home
  • Each classroom physical activity break takes only a few minutes and can easily be incorporated into the school day. The breaks require no equipment and can be performed in the space next to the students' desks.

Physical Educator Resources

Cute NASPE kidsFitness for Life: Elementary School includes a multimedia package for physical educators to enable them to coordinate their efforts with those of the classroom teachers. The Fitness for Life: Elementary School Physical Education Lesson Plans book comes with two DVDs, a resources CD-ROM, and a music CD and offers the following:

  • Lesson plans for preparing for Wellness Weeks and Wellness Week activities
  • Activity and task cards for use in physical education lessons
  • Music with silent intervals for use with station activities
  • Worksheets for use in physical education lessons
  • The plug-and-play videos included in the classroom guides, featuring physical activity routines with wellness messages for grades K-6
  • Instructional videos that show how to present the video activities
  • Signs with activity and nutrition messages Newsletters
  • Fitness testing activities based on FITNESSGRAM®, the preeminent fitness assessment program in the U.S.

Wellness Coordinators Resources

  • Plans for conducting school-wide Wellness Week activities
  • Video for conducting special TEAM Time (Together Everyone Achieves More) activities on Get Fit Friday each Wellness Week
  • Eat Well Wednesday activities coordinated with the cafeteria
  • Schoolwide signs
  • Cafeteria signs
  • Active playground signs
  • Program overview for teacher training
  • Wellness Week assessments
  • Newsletters

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