Touring Fitness for Life Canada

Unit I Foundations of Active and Healthy Living

Chapter 1. Fitness, Health, and Physical Literacy
Lesson 1.1: Lifelong Fitness, Health, and Wellness
Self-Assessment: Physical Fitness Challenges
Lesson 1.2: Developing Physical and Health Literacy
Taking Charge: Learning to Self-Assess
Self-Management: Skills for Learning to Self-Assess
Taking Action: Fundamental Movement Skills
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Chapter Review

Chapter 2. Adopting Healthy Lifestyles and Self-Management Skills
Lesson 2.1: Adopting Healthy Lifestyles
Self-Assessment: Practicing Physical Fitness Tests
Lesson 2.2: Stages of Change and Learning Self-Management Skills
Taking Charge: Building Knowledge and Understanding
Self-Management: Skills for Building Knowledge and Understanding
Taking Action: Being Active in the Outdoors
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Chapter Review

Chapter 3. Setting Goals and Planning Personal Programs
Lesson 3.1: Goal Setting
Self-Assessment: Assessing Muscle Fitness
Lesson 3.2: Personal Program Planning
Taking Charge: Setting Goals
Self-Management: Skills for Setting Goals
Taking Action: Walking for Health
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Chapter Review

Unit II Preparing for Lifelong Activity and Health

Chapter 4. Engaging in Safe and Smart Physical Activity
Lesson 4.1: Safe and Smart Physical Activity
Self-Assessment: Body Composition and Flexibility
Lesson 4.2: Health and Wellness Benefits
Taking Charge: Reducing Risk Factors
Self-Management: Skills for Reducing Risk Factors
Taking Action: The Warm Up
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Chapter Review

Chapter 5. Supporting Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
Lesson 5.1: Factors Influencing Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
Self-Assessment: Assessing Social Support
Lesson 5.2: Social Support for Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
Taking Charge: Finding Social Support
Self-Management: Skills for Finding Social Support
Taking Action: Accessing Social Support
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Chapter Review

Chapter 6. How Much Physical Activity and Fitness Is Enough?
Lesson 6.1: How Much Physical Activity Is Enough?
Self-Assessment: PACER and Trunk Lift
Lesson 6.2: How Much Fitness Is Enough?
Taking Charge: Learning to Self-Monitor
Self-Management: Skills for Learning to Self-Monitor
Taking Action: Physical Activity Pyramid Circuit
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Chapter Review

Unit III Being Active and Building Fitness

Chapter 7. Participating in Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity
Lesson 7.1: Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity Facts
Self-Assessment: Walking Test
Lesson 7.2: Preparing a Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity Plan
Taking Charge: Learning to Manage Time
Self-Management: Skills for Managing Time
Taking Action: Your Moderate-Intensity Physical Activity Plan
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Chapter Review

Chapter 8. Developing Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Lesson 8.1: Cardiorespiratory Endurance Facts
Self-Assessment: Step Test and One-Mile Run Test
Lesson 8.2: Building Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Taking Charge: Self-Confidence
Self-Management: Skills for Building Self-Confidence
Taking Action: Target Heart Rate Workout
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Chapter Review

Chapter 9. Engaging in Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity
Lesson 9.1: Vigorous Aerobics, Sport, and Recreation
Self-Assessment: Assessing Jogging Techniques
Lesson 9.2: Preparing and Performing a Safe and Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity Program
Taking Charge: Choosing Good Activities
Self-Management: Skills for Choosing Good Activities
Taking Action: Your Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity Plan
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Chapter Review

Unit IV Building Muscle Fitness and Flexibility

Chapter 10. Building Muscle Fitness: The Basics
Lesson 10.1: Muscle Fitness Facts
Self-Assessment: Muscle Fitness Testing
Lesson 10.2: Building Muscle Fitness
Taking Charge: Overcoming Barriers
Self-Management: Skills for Overcoming Barriers
Taking Action: Resistance Machine Exercises
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Chapter Review

Chapter 11. Muscle Fitness Applications
Lesson 11.1: Core Fitness, Posture, and Back Care
Self-Assessment: Healthy Back Test and Assessing Posture
Lesson 11.2: Ergogenic Aids and Preparing a Muscle Fitness Plan
Taking Charge: Preventing Relapse
Self-Management: Skills for Preventing Relapse
Taking Action: Your Muscle Fitness Exercise Plan
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Chapter Review

Chapter 12. Developing Flexibility
Lesson 12.1: Flexibility Facts
Self-Assessment: Arm, Leg, and Trunk Flexibility
Lesson 12.2: Preparing a Flexibility Exercise Program
Taking Charge: Building Positive Attitudes
Self-Management: Skills for Building Positive Attitudes
Taking Action: Your Flexibility Exercise Plan
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Chapter Review

Unit V Making Healthy Food and Fitness Choices

Chapter 13 Maintaining a Healthy Body Composition
Lesson 13.1: Body Composition Facts
Self-Assessment: Body Measurements
Lesson 13.2: Energy Balance
Taking Charge: Improving Physical Self-Perception
Self-Management: Skills for Self-Perception
Taking Action: Elastic Band Workout
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Chapter Review

Chapter 14. Choosing Nutritious Food
Lesson 14.1: A Healthy Diet
Self-Assessment: Energy Balance
Lesson 14.2: Making Healthy Food Choices
Taking Charge: Saying No
Self-Management: Skills for Saying No
Taking Action: Burn It Up Workout
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Chapter Review

Chapter 15. Making Good Consumer Choices
Lesson 15.1: Health and Fitness Misconceptions
Self-Assessment: Your Personal Fitness Battery
Lesson 15.2: Evaluating Health Clubs, Equipment, Media, and Internet Materials
Taking Charge: Learning to Thinking Critically
Self-Management: Skills for Thinking Critically
Taking Action: My Health and Fitness Club
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Chapter Review

Unit VI. Creating Positive and Healthy Experiences

Chapter 16. Choosing Healthy Lifestyles
Lesson 16.1: Lifestyle Choices for Health, Fitness, and Wellness
Self-Assessment: Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire
Lesson 16.2: Planning for a Healthy Lifestyle
Taking Charge: Positive Self-Talk
Self-Management: Skills for Positive Self-Talk
Taking Action: Your Healthy Lifestyle Plan
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Chapter Review

Chapter 17. Managing Stress
Lesson 17.1: Facts About Stress
Self-Assessment: Identifying Signs of Stress
Lesson 17.2: Stress Management
Taking Charge: Managing Competitive Stress
Self-Management: Skills for Managing Competitive Stress
Taking Action: Relaxation Exercises for Managing Stress
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Chapter Review

Chapter 18. Lifelong Leadership and Physical Activity
Lesson 18.1: Leadership Skills in Physical Activity
Self-Assessment: Developing Leadership Skills
Lesson 18.2: Active Living Opportunities
Taking Charge: Conflict Resolution
Self-Management: Skills for Conflict Resolution
Taking Action: Team Building
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Chapter Review

Unit VII Making Lifestyle Choices

Chapter 19. Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
Lesson 19.1: Alcohol Use and Abuse
Self-Assessment: My Alcohol Knowledge
Lesson 19.2: Drugs and Tobacco
Taking Charge: Building Strong Refusal Skills
Self-Management: Skills for Strong Refusal
Taking Action: Raising Your Awareness About Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Abuse
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Chapter Review

Chapter 20. Reproductive and Sexual Wellness
Lesson 20.1: Sexuality and Sexual Orientation
Self-Assessment: Sexuality Survey
Lesson 20.2: Birth Control, Pregnancy, and Sexually Transmitted Infections
Taking Charge: Improving Social Self-Perception
Self-Management: Skills for Improving Self-Perception
Taking Action: Sexual Well-Being
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Chapter Review

Chapter 21. Healthy Relationships
Lesson 21.1: Family Life and Family Structure
Self-Assessment: Rate Your Relationships
Lesson 21.2: Building and Supporting Healthy Relationships
Taking Charge: Dating Coercion and Violence
Self-Management: Skills for Reducing Your Risk of Experiencing Dating Coercion and Violence
Taking Action: Taking Dating Violence Seriously
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