High School Student Information for Fitness for Life, 5th Edition

The Fitness for Life Student Information Web site is designed for students who are using the Fitness for Life, Updated Fifth Edition and Fitness for Life, Fifth Edition textbook. In each chapter of the book you will find icons that look like a globe and a computer mouse. For each icon there is special information on this Web site. To access this information either click on the appropriate chapter number and topic number on the drop down menu to the right or click on the appropriate topic listed below.

List of Web Topics

Chapter 1

Topic 1.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 1.2 The Health Benefits of Physical Activity
Topic 1.3 Physical Inactivity Is a Major Risk Factor for Disease
Topic 1.4 Physical Activity Feels Good
Topic 1.5 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 1.6 Health-Related Physical Fitness and Athletic Performance
Topic 1.7 The Stairway to Lifetime Fitness

Chapter 2

Topic 2.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 2.2 Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)
Topic 2.3 Medical Readiness for Sports
Topic 2.4 Exercising in Cold Conditions
Topic 2.5 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 2.6 Common Injuries
Topic 2.7 Preventing Injuries
Topic 2.8 Avoiding Injury and Preventing Soreness

Chapter 3

Topic 3.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 3.2 Cardiovascular Disease
Topic 3.3 Risk Factors
Topic 3.4 Blood Pressure and Hypertension
Topic 3.5 Fitness Technology: GlucoWatch
Topic 3.6 Body Image Disorders
Topic 3.7 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 3.8 Back and Posture Improvement and Laws of Motion
Topic 3.9 Unit I Review Materials

Chapter 4

Topic 4.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 4.2 Principle of Overload
Topic 4.3 Aerobics
Topic 4.5 Lesson Vocabulary

Chapter 5

Topic 5.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 5.2 Socioeconomics and Physical Activity
Topic 5.3 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 5.4 Team Versus Individual Goals

Chapter 6

Topic 6.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 6.2 Lifestyle Physical Activities
Topic 6.3 Presidential Active Lifestyle Award
Topic 6.4 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 6.5 Changing Negative Attitudes
Topic 6.6 Increase Positive Attitudes
Topic 6.7 Unit II Review Materials

Chapter 7

Topic 7.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 7.2 Blood Cholesterol
Topic 7.3 Veins
Topic 7.4 Heart Rate
Topic 7.5 Cardiovascular Assessment
Topic 7.6 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 7.7 Anaerobic Physical Activity
Topic 7.8 Calculating Target Heart Rate Zone

Chapter 8

Topic 8.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 8.2 Cooper's Aerobics
Topic 8.3 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 8.4 Active Recreation

Chapter 9

Topic 9.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 9.2 Skills and Skill-Related Fitness
Topic 9.3 New Technology in Equipment
Topic 9.4 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 9.5 Anaerobic Training
Topic 9.6 Unit III Review Materials

Chapter 10

Topic 10.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 10.2 Flexibility Factors
Topic 10.3 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 10.4 Ballistic Stretching

Chapter 11

Topic 11.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 11.2 Muscle Fibers
Topic 11.3 Fast-Twitch and Slow-Twitch Muscles
Topic 11.4 Isokinetic Exercise
Topic 11.5 Absolute Versus Relative Strength
Topic 11.6 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 11.7 Resistance Training for Teens
Topic 11.8 Exercise Myth: Spot Reduction
Topic 11.9 Principle of Progression
Topic 11.10 Mastering the Skills of Resistance Training

Chapter 12

Topic 12.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 12.2 Backpack Safety Facts
Topic 12.3 Circuit Training Programs
Topic 12.4 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 12.5 Exercise Balls
Topic 12.6 Plyometrics
Topic 12.7 Periodization
Topic 12.8 Interval Training
Topic 12.9 Creatine
Topic 12.10 Unit IV Review Materials

Chapter 13

Topic 13.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 13.2 Body Composition
Topic 13.3 Importance of Body Fat
Topic 13.4 Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA)
Topic 13.5 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 13.6 Strength Exercise for Healthy Body Composition
Topic 13.7 Calculating Your Daily Calorie Expenditure

Chapter 14

Topic 14.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 14.2 Nutrients Your Body Needs
Topic 14.3 DRIs for Vitamins and Minerals
Topic 14.4 More About MyPyramid and Other Pyramids
Topic 14.5 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 14.6 Nutritional Analysis and Food Labels on the Web
Topic 14.7 Weight Maintenance
Topic 14.8 Organizations for Sound Nutritional Information

Chapter 15

Topic 15.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 15.2 Mail-Order and Internet Sales Problems
Topic 15.3 Food Supplements and Reliable Web Sites for Food
Topic 15.4 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 15.5 Reliable Consumer Web Sites Including Web Sites for Physical Activity Professions
Topic 15.6 Consumer Organizations
Topic 15.7 Unit V Review Materials

Chapter 16

Topic 16.1 Cooper's Aerobic Points
Topic 16.2 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 16.3 Healthy People 2010
Topic 16.4 Self-Exams
Topic 16.5 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 16.6 Avoiding Destructive Habits
Topic 16.7 CPR

Chapter 17

Topic 17.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 17.2 Social Stressors
Topic 17.3 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 17.4 Runner's High

Chapter 18

Topic 18.1 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 18.2 FITNESSGRAM Profile
Topic 18.3 Lesson Vocabulary
Topic 18.4 Stages of Physical Activity
Topic 18.5 Unit VI Review Materials


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